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Corporate Event Planning


There’s no doubt about it meetings and conventions are the number one way to connect with customers, prospects, employees and partners. Study after study show that nothing replaces face to face interaction for building and strengthening relationships. Although we all rely heavily on the web and social media for information and communication, meetings and conventions take participants away from their everyday concerns and distractions so that their sole focus is interacting with colleagues.

At Tin Sparrow Events, our sole focus is to take your meetings to the next level of professionalism and effectiveness. Not only do we help you set your meetings goals and objectives, but we help you with marketing, promotion, sponsorships, exhibitor packages, registrations, speakers, housing—everything that must come together to make your meeting a success.

Each Tin Sparrow Events client is unique, and our solutions for you will be unique as well. No meeting is too big or too small for our professional meeting planners: from roundtables, seminars, or luncheon speaker programs to major conventions, product launches or national sales meetings: we can take care of all the details so that you can participate in your own meeting, side by side with your managers and attendees, without the worries the logistical responsibilities can entail.

Whatever your budget, we will respect it and work within your parameters to create a meeting that is educational, entertaining and above all memorable. From the first invitation and the early registration process to the closing ceremony, your meeting is in good hands with Tin Sparrow Events. Contact Us Today to schedule your Free Consultation so that we can establish the parameters of your vision and to set a price within your budget.

Corporate Business Services

Roundtable Meetings

Bring your executive team together for a Quarterly Meeting, or gather your sales team for a motivational meeting. Either way, our meeting planners will make sure that you have the right tools and setting for to maximize your results. We will oversee the layout, food and/or refreshments, necessary supplies, lighting and audio/visual. Just let us know what you are envisioning and what tools you will need to achieve it and we will take care of the rest.


Whether it is a business luncheon, a club/organization luncheon or a birthday luncheon, we will organize it all! Our meeting planners will oversee the catering, help you plan the schedule, register guests, book entertainment, organize activities and ensure that your guests are happy and enjoy themselves. There is nothing better than enjoying a perfectly catered luncheon to brings people & business together.


You chose the topic and we’ll take care of the rest! From keynote speakers to panelists to breakout sessions, we will assist you in plan your entire seminar from start to finish!

We will work closely with you as you begin to make decisions from site selection, venue negotiations, food and beverage selection, to equipment rental from pick-up to return and any other aspect of your seminar that you wish to include.

We will have an information gathering meeting (or as many as we need to nail down your vision), pick apart and tier every item that your company is wanting the event to be and Tin Sparrow Events will make it happen. From registration to attendance monitoring we are with you from start to finish!


We understand that the primary focus of your event will be to benefit your business and employees, and that it's also important to keep your attendees engaged and to provide a certain level of entertainment. Our meeting planners will focus on assuring that your attendees receive just the right amount of fun, but still keeping them focused on the main content of your convention. Just as each company is different and contains a diverse blend of employees so are different ways to engage and entertain. Thru meetings and fact finding interviews we will help you to pin-point what it is that your employees are looking for and what they feel would pump them up and get them excited about what you and your company are trying to achieve. With happy and energetic employee’s your company will soar to new heights, so let Tin Sparrow Events help you to get you to the next level! Check out our latest Entertainment Event with elevate!

Registration & Signage

Without the right tools and knowledge, registration can be one of the most challenging elements of a convention. From online to snail registration, to identification badges and registration incentive promotions, our meeting planners can cover it all. Tin Sparrow Events will take the burden off of you and have your attendees ready to go. Even if you have everything else covered and wrapped up tight, we are more than happy to handle everything at the door, so leave all that stress with us!

We can also cover any signage that you need for your convention – banners, signs, booth decorations and more. Just pass on your vision, images and we will take care of the rest. We work with a hand full of local printing companies with reputations for high quality and reasonable priced services.

Budget Creation & Management

Our meeting planners understand the vitality of maintaining the budget when it comes to our clients. We will negotiate vendor contracts, hotel contracts and also help you to develop the right price point for registration and other accounts receivable to ensure that your event meets budget standards. With our vendor contacts, our meeting planners will make sure that you get the most for your money.

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