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Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator?

Almost everyone today have a very busy career and personal life. There are many details involved in planning a wedding or event and very quickly things can become overwhelming and frustrating. You can save time and frustration by hiring a professional to guide you from day one or just on the “day of”. We know who to call and what to say to ensure you book the right vendors at the best prices while making certain that no creative detail is overlooked. This service and the peace of mind alone makes covering the cost of hiring a Tin Sparrow Event Planner & Coordinator worth it.

Your family, friends and honored guests all deserve to play a special part in your event. In order for them to be able to fully enjoy this special day with you, they shouldn't need to worry about decorating the table, having the cake arrive on time, or setting out place cards. By hiring a Event Planner & Coordinator, you and your guests can truly relax and enjoy the day.

At Tin Sparrow we:

  • Save you time & money
  • Give you confident stylish ideas & peace of mind
  • We work your event allowing you to focus on all the other priorities in your life like careers, loved ones, school and even children
  • We make it fun - because isn't that what life is all about?
  • And we remove the overwhelming and frustration because you can leave all the details to us

I'm Having a Hard Time Getting My Fiance/Family to Agree to Hire a Planner. What do I Do?

Start by explaining to your skeptical "Don't Hire a Planner" blocker that...

A Planner Can Save Your Relationships...
Don't let the stress of planning your wedding overtake your relationship with your fiancé or damage the one with your mother or bridesmaids. Wedding planning can cause so many arguments as differing visions for one event collide. At Tin Sparrow we can help by not only taking some of the stress off of your shoulders, but we can also be a neutral party in verbalizing your vision.

A Planner Saves You Money...
It's true! At Tin Sparrow we can work up a budget along with you, your fiancé and other investors, and more importantly we are here to keep you on point with your budget. It is a huge benefit knowing that we are less likely to make decisions on money expenditures based on emotion, and we are here to help negotiate contracts with vendors so you get only the services you need without paying for all the extras you don't.

A Planner is Flexible to Your Needs...
We are here for you in any and every way from one extreme to another! At Tin Sparrow we have structured our business to fit into every facet of an event from just giving advice and guidance to a nervous bride all the way to building every aspect of an event from the ground up. We offer complete packages with services and start off pricing, but the best part is that each and every package can be adjusted to fit any and every budget level. We offer an Ala Carte menu where you can hand select what service we offer so that we can fill in and assist where you are needing help or guidance while planning your event and we also offer a Build Your Own package option.   

Where can I find Inspiration for my Event Design & Decor?

At Tin Sparrow we work to stay up to date on the latest trends and we strive to stay and plan ahead for the next big up and coming options. We also work with the top vendors in our field including decor and staging specialists. We are also linked with inspirational websites like Pinterest, Lover.ly and Instagram so please feel free to connect with us by following the icons we have provided below. On top of these few options we also would love to setup a consultation with you to discuss your event and from the information that we gather we can begin to direct you in the right directions. We also provide services that are tailored towards Event Design & Decor!

I have planned almost all of my wedding but I just need someone to over look the details. Can you help me with that?

Well of course we can... Ultimately it is always best to have an additional set of eyes to review something that you have been working so closely with because they are stepping in fresh and new. As a planner it is my job to find those little details that you might have missed, or to come up with options that you might not have even thought of, like back-up plans if something happens to go wrong. There is nothing more that I love than weddings and events so believe me meeting with you and discussing your event is just what I would love to do. I would also recommend you hop over and take a look at some of the services that we offer including our Month of Direction {Serendipity} Planning Package which just happens to included this service!

We just need someone to set-up our event, decorate and take care of break down & clean-up. Does your business do that?

At Tin Sparrow Events we are ready to jump in and assist you in any and every way that you need. Simple contact us and we will get a consultation appointment scheduled as soon as possible so that we can be sure to get your event date locked in. During this initial consultation we will evaluate the amount of assistance your event will require and we will prepare a quote for you onsite so that we can begin working on relieving the last bits of stress or worry you are having regarding your event.

I just need referrals to reputable vendors in our area. Can you help?

Of course... We have provided a list of our Event Partners for you to look thru and connect with. If you are looking for a little more guidance when selecting your vendors (ie. budget, a good personality fit etc.) we are here to help you with this as well. We also work with the top vendors in our field and they work just as hard as we do so we would be more than happy to make confident referrals for your event. Each vendor that we recommend we hold in the highest regard and we can guarantee that your event will be one that is amazing and you will have the most memorable experience ever! We are proud to call our vendors more than just business connections we are proud to call them our friends!

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